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David M. Soja, CRC, ABVE Founder and Owner of CRC Services, LLC Vocational Consultant

David M. Soja

Founder and Owner of
CRC Services, LLC
Vocational Consultant

David M. Soja CRC, ABVE is a practicing private vocational expert and vocational rehabilitation consultant. He established CRC Services in Massachusetts in 1981. He opened additional offices in Connecticut, New York and California. Mr. Soja and Team-CRC offer vocational expert witness services nationwide specializing in prompt record reviews and timely comprehensive reports.

As principal of his vocational firm and vocational expert, Mr. Soja brings more than 35 years of professional experience in the domain of vocational rehabilitation assessment, return to work planning, job placement, employment and wage earning capacity assessment to both able-bodied and physically/mentally impaired individuals in our society.

Mr. Soja has assisted injured state and federal employees, disabled war veterans, commercially insured workers' compensation claimants and individual private-pay individuals in returning to gainful employment or obtaining necessary occupational skills training to help restore their previous earning power.

In an emerging litigation culture, Mr. Soja has been called to testify by both sides of the bar as a vocational rehabilitation expert in various courts on matters concerning vocational disability, employability, wage earning capacity and vocational rehabilitation mitigation. Legal venues include workers' compensation, personal injury, employment law, matrimonial disputes, Social Security & Veteran Law.

Mr. Soja is nationally certified as a rehabilitation counselor; state licensed and board certified as a vocational expert; and is an International Psychometric Evaluator Certification (IPEC) member, demonstrating extraordinary professional experience and competency in psychometric testing. Mr. Soja regularly presents on current vocational rehabilitation topics to academia at professional seminars and continuing legal educational conferences.

Mr. Soja received his Masters of Education and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from Springfield College in the Graduate Program of Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Studies. He also holds a Master of Science graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from American International College.

"David Soja prepared an extremely complete report, supported by numerous tests he administered. He was subject to an extensive cross examination. The outcome was favorable to my client, who was ruled to be vocationally disabled under the Osterlund test. My client and I are very impressed with the vocational knowledge and tenacity of Mr. Soja, which I have found to be true of all the CRC Services professionals."

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