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Community Education

CRC Services, LLC is committed to providing current educational information on vocational rehabilitation topics to various consumer groups including job seekers, graduate level academic curriculums, national and regional private vocational rehabilitation associations, national training seminar institutions, as well as the insurance casualty claims personnel and legal conferences providing legal continuing education units. Check out our educational resources and webinars.

Please call 877.567.5871 for more information on vocational topics of interest to you and to request a speaking engagement.

"We have been most pleased with the cooperative long term relationship the Springfield College Rehabilitation Counseling and Services Program has had with CRC Services. Our graduate students have not only had outstanding clinical practicum and internships with well qualified certified/licensed supervisors, but a number of our graduates have also become employed and established significant and rewarding careers in the field."

"On behalf of the Disabled Worker's Compensation Fund as well as all those who attended the Workers' Compensation 100th Annual Symposium, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your outstanding involvement and to CRC Services, LLC for their support and participation in this historical event."

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