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Veteran Services


Over the years, worldwide armed conflicts have left tens of thousands of veterans returning to their local communities with physical and/or emotional injuries. Many of our military veterans are unable to perform competitive employment as a result of their service-connected disabilities.

For over two decades, CRC Services, LLC assisted the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs in providing private independent vocational assessments and related employment and vocational services to veterans with service-connected disabilities under the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program (Chapter 31).


Team-CRC conducted vocational assessments to evaluate the veteran’s educational and vocational options and prepared suitable vocational recommendations to the DVA counselor for rehabilitation plan preparation. Under this program, our team continues to conduct Comprehensive Independent Living Assessments of disabled veterans to determine suitable accommodations, modifications, and services needed to ensure the veteran can continue residing in his/her home independently and safely. We maintain a working knowledge of the VA culture, various  mental and physical disabilities and the most up to date accommodations.


CRC Services, LLC also serves veterans and veteran law attorneys nationally on matters concerning "Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability" (TDIU). Team-CRC assists veterans who are appealing their disability decision or seeking an increase in their disability rating to obtain TDIU benefits. Our team immediately responds to veterans and their counsel nationwide to conduct vocational assessments of veterans seeking TDIU benefits. Individualized vocational assessments conducted by Team-CRC determines if the veteran is unable to secure and sustain substantially gainful employment owing to their service-connected disabilities.


Our vocational firm employs Master’s level trained Certified Rehabilitation Counselors. Our vocational experts have extensive knowledge and expertise to evaluate whether veterans have the education, work experience, transferable skill set, and adequate physical and mental capacity to secure and maintain substantially gainful employment. CRC Services, LLC compares the veteran’s limitations (residual functional capacity) resulting from their service-connected conditions to the essential job duties and employer standards (eg. tolerance for work absences, time off task, ability to interact with coworkers and supervisors, ability to meet the physical demands of the sedentary exertional level; among others). The vocational expert is the most qualified professional to render expert opinion on a veteran’s ability to obtain and maintain competitive employment and can critically alter the final decision in a TDIU claim.


Contact our office today to learn how we can assist with your VA disability benefits appeal or claim for TDIU benefits.

“The contractor has exhibited very good business relations with all Veterans and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRCs) … they are always available if clarification is needed and very good accepting constructive feedback …. The Key personnel of the Contractor are very professional and accommodate both Veterans and the staff of the Regional Office. They are always eager to expand their knowledge of the Chapter 31 program. Because of their collaborative efforts, the staff has been a pleasure to work with and Veterans are satisfied with their level of customer service …”

Contracting Officer, VA SAC- Frederick

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