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About the Company

CRC Services, LLC was founded in Longmeadow, Massachusetts in 1981 by David Soja. CRC Services opened a second office, located in Windsor, Connecticut in 1998. CRC added offices in New Rochelle serving the greater New York City metropolitan area and San Francisco serving the Bay Area.

Meet Our Team


"As an attorney representing the interests of physically and mentally impaired individuals, there are times when I am in need of an expert and specialized vocational assessment of my client to confirm present and future disability. The right opinion is crucial in determining the value of my case and my client deserves the best assessment I can find. I highly recommend you contact CRC Services for any vocational consultation involving your client. The vocational assessments made by their specialists are incredibly thorough and utilize the most modern approaches to analyze employability. My clients have always been impressed with the cordial and comprehensive approach taken by their vocational experts during the interview process. Importantly, they are well respected before those that adjudicate these cases. I have had tremendous success resolving claims for great value when CRC Services is involved in my case. Whichever specialist handles your case, rest assured that they will provide a researched and reasoned vocational analysis and will be prepared to address the substance of the report in court with great presentation skills."

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