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Career Guidance and Vocational Counseling

Business Consultation

Designed to assist the general public seeking re-employment due to geographic relocation to or from New England, company realignment or downsizing, and those individuals seeking a career change.

Our experienced staff is accustomed to working with diverse clientele with varied educational and vocational backgrounds. Our vocational counselors will meet directly with the client to conduct an interview, administer suitable vocational testing, perform career exploration and provide vocational guidance and counseling with recommendations to meet targeted goals. Clients may also request specific assistance with resume writing, interviewing techniques, identification of networking opportunities, establishing social media profiles and developing a winning job search campaign.

CRC Services, LLC also provides private confidential parent and student consultation to review higher education alternatives to traditional college including school-to-work transition, apprenticeship and technical skills training. Team-CRC is also experienced in providing professional guidance and counseling related to suitable college curriculum planning to supplement, not replace, school guidance counselors.


For households with older children or a returning college graduate living at home who has not located suitable employment, CRC vocational counselors can develop realistic vocational goals and prepare an active job search plan to facilitate employment and more independent living.

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