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CRC Services, LLC serves the New England, Tri-State, San Francisco Bay Area and the contiguous United States providing timely:

Vocational rehabilitation expert witness services to insurance carriers and law firms representing both sides of the bar in disputed matters requiring answers to a litigant's PRE- and POST- employability, wage earning capacity, vocational rehabilitation potential and vocational rehabilitation life care plans.

To address and unlock disability concerns, our non-litigation vocational services include initial vocational evaluations and case management of individuals with physical and mental impairments such as: veterans; federal, state and public employees; employees of profit and not-for-profit employers; beneficiaries of long term disability and workers' compensation insurance; as well as disabled young students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and adults entitled to benefit programs such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Social Security Act.

Service arrangements may include any of the following:

  • Educational and vocational testing of individuals with and without impairments

  • Transferable skills analysis

  • Vocational counseling and career guidance

  • Job skills and occupational retraining recommendations and coordination

  • Job seeking skills training including job interview role-playing, resume preparation, creating on-line job search profiles, education on job search engines, job application completion, proper disability disclosure

  • Job development, job placement and job networking assistance

  • Development of vocational rehabilitation programs

  • Coordination of educational and vocational services

  • Vocational rehabilitation case management and timely factual reporting

  • On-site job analysis to analyze the essential functions of job(s), identify reasonable accommodations & work with the client and employer in developing a suitable placement

  • Employer consultation, training and development of suitable light duty
    and return to work programs

  • Labor market analysis of local and state labor economies

Please refer to Vocational Expert Witness Services for:

  • Determination of wage earning capacity and future lost wages

  • Expert witness testimony

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