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To employers in:

Determining the efficacy of establishing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating suitable Light Duty and Return to Work Programs for injured workers.

Preparing ADA job descriptions and conducting on-site job analysis for hiring, medical clearances, promotion and job changes.

Responding to employers and their employees affected by layoff or company closings, CRC Services provides outplacement services such as job search workshop presentations to better prepare employees in job finding techniques, resume preparation and training referral.

To insurance companies in:

Establishing voluntary vocational case management services for insureds and their injured workers.

Reviewing national and critical claims on vocational issues.


Peer review.

To law firms:

When disclosure deadlines have passed or you are uncertain whether a vocational expert can assist with mediation and avoidance of trial for your case; consider vocational expert consultation for:

  • Becoming educated to the art and science in the private vocational rehabilitation field, vocational methodologies, nomenclature, and common treatises used

  • Records review and preliminary vocational analysis

  • Peer review and assistance in preparing cross-examination questions of opposing vocational expert for deposition or trial

  • Developing suitable vocationally relevant questions at deposition or trial of the plaintiff, treating or examining physicians, and employers

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