Andrea L. Goldrup, CRC, CBIS Supervisor | Vocational Consultant

Andrea L. Goldrup

Supervisor | Vocational Consultant

Andrea L. Goldrup joined CRC Services, LLC in 2017. Ms. Goldrup is a nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and nationally Certified Brain Injury Specialist.

As a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant with CRC Services, LLC, Ms. Goldrup provides vocational consulting and vocational forensic services in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the course of her employment with CRC Services, Ms. Goldrup conducts vocational assessment interviews of veterans with service connected disabilities and injured workers. She performs transferable skills analyses, labor market analyses, job seeking skills training for clients and develops comprehensive vocational rehabilitation plans with the goal of return to work.

Ms. Goldrup also performs vocational assessments in long-term disability claims and vocational assessment services to veterans seeking Total Disability under Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Ms. Goldrup served as a vocational expert witness for the Social Security Administration, Office of Hearing Operations in all New England offices providing impartial vocational expert testimony before Administrative Law Judges relative to job classifications, skill transferability, labor work force statistics and responding to various hypothetical questions.

Ms. Goldrup oversees and manages all vocational case management and Veteran TDIU referrals and provides guidance and peer-review assistance to junior staff at the firm.

Prior to joining the CRC Services team, Ms. Goldrup served both adults and the youth population with various physical, developmental, and trauma-related disabilities through the development of neurobehavioral assessments and rehabilitation plans, the facilitation of job seeking and career readiness trainings, career counseling, and human rights advocacy.

Ms. Goldrup graduated from Assumption College with a B.A. degree in Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies and a minor in Psychology and a M.A. degree in Rehabilitation Counseling in 2017.