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Veteran Services

The Iraq-Afghanistan War has returned thousands of men and women veterans to their local community with physical and emotional injuries. In the case of a National Guard Soldier, many are unable to return to their prior job as a result of their injuries. For a young person who was planning on making the military a career, that goal is no longer possible as a result of injuries sustained serving our country.

For over two decades, CRC Services, LLC assisted the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs in providing private independent vocational assessments and related employment and vocational services to veterans with disabilities throughout New England under the Department of Veterans Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation Program (Chapter 31 Title 38 USC).

veteransThe Chapter 31 program is designed to assist veterans with a service connected disability who need vocational rehabilitation services. Veterans undergo a vocational assessment to determine suitable employment that meets the veteran’s interests, aptitudes and abilities and is within their physical and mental capabilities. The veteran may be entitled to retraining assistance and/or job placement services.

CRC Services, LLC assisted the DVA counselor in identifying suitable retraining and employment goals for the veteran. Team-CRC conducted vocational assessments to evaluate the veteran’s educational and vocational options and prepared suitable vocational recommendations to the DVA counselor for rehabilitation plan preparation.

Subsequent to completing retraining, veterans are entitled to job placement assistance. Team-CRC assisted veterans in obtaining suitable employment in their intended educational and vocational field.

Some veterans have disabilities that are so limiting that competitive employment is not feasible. In these instances the Chapter 31 Program provides comprehensive services to assist the veteran in being independent in her/his home and community to the maximum extent feasible. The VA Ch. 31 Independent Living Program provides an evaluation to identify the veteran’s needs and, with the assistance of the veteran, prepare a plan of service to achieve the goal of independence.

Team-CRC continues to conduct Comprehensive Independent Living Assessments of disabled veterans to determine suitable accommodations, modifications and services needed so the veteran can continue residing in his/her home independently and safely.

For more information on Chapter 31 benefits, please refer to http://www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab.

Team-CRC also assists disabled veterans who are appealing a disability rating or seeking an increase in their disability rating to obtain the benefit "total disability on the basis of individual unemployability" (TDIU). The vocational assessment conducted by Team-CRC will determine if the veteran is unable to secure and follow substantially gainful employment as a result of his/her service connected disabilities.

The Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Program provides seamless transition for service members, expands education and training opportunities for veterans and provides tax credits for employers who hire veterans with service connected disabilities.

Please refer to the VOW website for expanded information on the law’s benefits http://www.benefits.va.gov/VOW/.

“The contractor has exhibited very good business relations with all Veterans and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRCs) … they are always available if clarification is needed and very good accepting constructive feedback …. The Key personnel of the Contractor are very professional and accommodate both Veterans and the staff of the Regional Office. They are always eager to expand their knowledge of the Chapter 31 program. Because of their collaborative efforts, the staff has been a pleasure to work with and Veterans are satisfied with their level of customer service …”
— Contracting Officer, VA SAC- Frederick

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