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Kerry A. Skillin, CRC, ABVE

Kerry A. Skillin, Senior Vocational Consultant, began her employment with CRC Services, LLC in 1994.

Kerry SkillinMs. Skillin offers over 20 years of experience as a vocational rehabilitation case manager and vocational expert witness at CRC Services. In addition to being a nationally board certified vocational expert, Ms. Skillin is an International Psychometric Evaluation Certification (IPEC) member, demonstrating significant professional experience and competency in psychometric testing. She is also nationally certified as a rehabilitation counselor. Ms. Skillin is also licensed as a professional counselor in Connecticut and a licensed rehabilitation counselor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Ms. Skillin is requested as a vocational expert by members of the plaintiff and defense bar to conduct vocational assessments and testify before fact finders on matters concerning employability, wage earning capacity, work search diligence, and vocational rehabilitation mitigation in personal injury, products liability, employment law, medical malpractice, workers compensation and divorce matters.

Ms. Skillin also provides services as a vocational expert to the Social Security Administration, Office of Hearing Operations, testifying before Administrative Law Judges on issues related to vocational disability.

Ms. Skillin has been qualified as a vocational expert in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New York states. She has testified and been qualified as a vocational expert in both state and federal court.

In addition to forensic work, Ms. Skillin performs vocational assessments for veterans requesting or appealing their Total Disability under Individual Unemployability (TDIU) claim. Additional work includes performing vocational assessments on LTD and ERISA claims on behalf of policyholders and insurance carriers. She also provides career counseling services to the general public.

During her tenure, Ms. Skillin has additionally served as a vocational consultant developing suitable vocational rehabilitation programs and independent living needs for veterans under the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Ms. Skillin has also been an adjunct faculty member in the Vocational Evaluation concentration within the Rehabilitation Services Department at Springfield College and taught Masters level students theory and practical vocational evaluation techniques relative to individuals with disabilities.

Ms. Skillin was also employed as the Return to Work Manager for UMass Memorial Healthcare, responsible for developing a system-wide return to work program for injured workers. She performed on-site job analyses, developed ADA job descriptions, educated personnel and implemented the program with the support of department managers, union representatives and human resources.

Ms. Skillin graduated from Springfield College with a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling with a concentration in Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment (1997).

Ms. Skillin is an active member of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and presently serves on the Board of the New England Chapter as the Massachusetts Representative and on the conference committee.

Your attention to detail and thoroughness was invaluable. It is a pleasure to have an experienced expert who knows her file better than opposing counsel!
— Renée W. Dwyer, Conway Stoughton, LLC

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